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A tour by plane - 7 days - 

February 4th, 20th & March 13th 2024


  • Transfers McAllen – Monterrey’s airport – McAllen

  • Airfare Monterrey – Chihuahua – Monterrey

  • Complimentary bottled water available on a ground transportation vehicle

  • 1 breakfast in Chihuahua, 3 breakfasts in Creel, 1 breakfast in Monterrey, 1 lunch and dinner in Divisadero

  • Air conditioned chartered motorcoach or minibus

  • All hotel nights

  • Admission to Mennonite Museum in Cuauhtémoc,admission to Mexican Revolutionary War Museum, admission to the Cusarare Cascade, admission to the Valley of the Monks, admission to the valley of the mushrooms.

  • Certified bilingual tour guide.

Full itinerary below. 

Price $1,350 p/p


Day 1: 
This morning we will gather in the McAllen area, near the airport for our transfer to Monterrey: the third largest city in Mexico. Your guide will get you acquainted with some of the local historical markers, and weather permitting, we’ll ride the boats at Paseo Santa Lucia. A short drive will allow us to enjoy a bit more of Monterrey; after lunch, we’ll have to head on to our hotel for tonight and get ready for tomorrow’s travel.
Overnight in Monterrey

Day 2: 
Very good morning! Our flight demands us to wake up very early to catch it! We will then proceed for a late breakfast in the city of Chihuahua. Just have a question for you: have you heard of José Doroteo Arango Arámbula? Probably not because he is best known by his alias: Pancho Villa! We
will visit the Mexican Revolutionary War Museum, which was the house inhabited by his widow until her death, in 1981. It now houses photos, pistols, and more memorabilia of the Mexican Revolutionary War. Living quarters, backyard, and bedrooms are open to our visit. Time permitting, we will take a good look at the famous Quinta Gameros, a fine example of Art Nouveau Architecture, which construction began in 1907. After lunch, we’ll be heading southwest on federal highway 16. Very soon we will notice plenty of apple orchards, letting us know that we are arriving in the town of Cuauhtémoc, the heart of the Mennonite colonies in Mexico. Your guide will explain the highlights of this group that arrived in Mexico, in 1922. We will tour the local Mennonite Museum and enjoy lunch in this town. Then, it’s on to the lumbering town of Creel.
Overnight in Creel.

Includes admission to the Mexican Revolutionary War Museum, Admission to the Mennonite Museum, Box breakfast, and lunch.

Day 3: 
After our included breakfast, we’ll take a short ride to Cusarare. A strolling path surrounded by pine trees we’ll lead our steps onto a vantage point to admire a waterfall. Local Raramuri women (the term was later corrupted into “Tarahumara”) we’ll offer colorful and unique handcrafts. By the way, keep in mind that is recommended to dress in layers, instead of wearing one bulky heavy jacket! Our way back to town will give us a chance to visit a cave still used by a local family as their everyday home. This afternoon, venture into the many shops in town, especially the ones where you can find the highly polished pottery from the town of Mata Ortiz.
Overnight in Creel
Includes Breakfast

Day 4: Tuesday, Feb 21st or Wednesday, March 22nd 
This morning we will visit a great set for picture taking: unbelievable scenery of rock formations around this area, such as the valley of the mushrooms or
the valley of the monks. A stop at picturesque Arareko lake will be provided and, with little luck, we might get a good look at a Cooper’s Hawk, Steller’s
Jay, Ruby Crown Kinglets, Mexican Chickadees, and more. If possible, we’ll pay a quick visit to a boarding school geared towards Rarámuri children.
Overnight in Creel
Includes breakfast and lunch

Day 5: 
Right after breakfast, it will be up the hill to reach our main highlight: “Barrancas del Cobre”, the way Mexicans call the system of canyons known to us as Copper Canyon, which by the way, is deeper and larger than our Grand Canyon! The state government of Chihuahua built an extreme sports park with zip lines, hanging bridges, rappelling, and rock-climbing stations, as well as the
third-longest cable car ride in the world! This is true Tarahumara country, one of the ethnic groups of Mexico! People that are known for their great stamina and hunting deer by running it down! Those of us with an interest in birdwatching will have a great chance to see different species of
hummingbirds known to be found at this altitude only: Rivoli’s hummingbird (formerly known as the magnificent hummingbird), and Blue-throated hummingbird. We will have a chance to explore the surroundings and enjoy awesome views along the rim of the canyons! A little bit of luck is what we need to run into Tarahumara dancers as well as players of an ancient ball game called rarajípari.
Enjoy the tranquility of the lobby at our hotel and be amazed by the views from the restaurant.
Overnight at Copper Canyon
Includes breakfast, lunch & dinner

Day 6:
It is time to go back to the city of Chihuahua. Lunch will find us in Cuauhtémoc. Once in Chihuahua City, a walking tour will get you acquainted with the pedestrianized district around your hotel nearby are located the cathedral (considered the northernmost colonial monument of Mexico) and the Capitol Building with its impressive murals.
Overnight in Chihuahua
Includes breakfast

Day 7: 
Early morning wake-up call to go to the airport. Our flight to Monterrey will take about 1:30 hrs. Our transportation will pick us up at the airport to whisk us back to the international bridge at Reynosa (Hidalgo). We will walk the bridge (about ¼ of a mile) to speed our way into Texas and Rio Grande valley. What a great set of memories we have gathered to share with our family and friends!
Overnight at…HOME!
Includes breakfast


NOT INCLUDED: admissions to attractions or museums (other than the ones clearly described above), tips to waiters at any meal. Gratuities to the tour guide are not included. We strongly recommend setting aside a minimum of $8-10 dollars per person, per day, for your tour guide. Gratuities to bus driver are not included either.

NOTE: The cost of the Mexican Immigration Permit to travel into Mexico (charged by Mexican authorities and obtainable at the Mexican air or land ports of entry), beyond the 20 mile allowed distance, is about $35 USD, and it is not included in the tour price!

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